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How do you check your political facts?

Politics is tough to watch. Candidates throw big money behind their claims that their policies are better or perhaps their opponent is worse than they are. Where can you go to for the facts? Where can you “see through the spin” of Washington? Personally I visit http://www.factcheck.org. Factcheck.org is a non-profit organization and is not … Continue reading

Save the Dates: Presidential Debates

The non-profit, Commission on Presidential Debates released the chosen moderators on August 5, 2008 along with the associated debate dates. For the full announcement navigate [here] What you need to know First presidential debate Friday, September 26 The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. Jim Lehrer Executive Editor and Anchor, The NewsHour, PBS Vice presidential debate … Continue reading

Commoncraft does it again

YouTube certainly has quality videos and of course those that make you question whether a person should have been allowed to buy a camera. For this post I wanted to share a great video with all of you by Commoncraft. The topic for this episode is, Electing a US President in Plain English. For those … Continue reading


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