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I Look Forward to a New Year Full of New Challenges

I had a fun 2009; however, I am ready for new challenges in 2010. I am also excited to write new blog posts on a regular basis to keep you up to date on what is going on in my life.

Looking Ahead – Three triathlons will test my mettle

Swimming, cycling and running will play a major role in my personal life for a majority of 2010. I attempted my first triathlon in September ’09 and loved every minute of the experience. Since September, I have signed up for three Olympic distance triathlons in 2010. The races include:

  • The Columbia, MD Triathlon (May)
  • Philly Triathlon (June)
  • The Nation’s Triathlon (Sept)

[Are you excited to participate in any races in 2010?]

I don’t pretend that racing in three triathlons is easy, but I know that it is extremely rewarding and less stressful than endurance running races (especially now that I know I won’t drown during the swim).

I plan to travel more often during 2010 when I am not training. I’m going skiing for the first time ever in January and I am extremely excited despite hearing more than a handful of accident/injury related stories from family and friends.  With any luck, I will also vacation at a friend’s cabin in Maine during 2010; swimming in a lake, relaxing on a sun-soaked dock and eating lobster sound amazing right now.

I would also like to visit family and friends abroad and across the U.S. If you know of a guaranteed way to win the lottery please let me in on your secret!

Working Hard

My work life is going well. I work hard and hope to take on a lot more responsibility in 2010 and continue to challenge myself and improve my skills. I am about to wrap up my fourth year as a management consultant in April ’10. Time seems to have flown by quickly since graduation.

That is enough from me for this post.

Happy New Year!


[How will you shape your new year?]

I look forward to writing more often and hearing from you.



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