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“On your Leeeeeft”

I had great intentions to write a post on last Saturday’s workout earlier this week; however I injured my eye during a company softball game on Tuesday (6/30) night and well between the ER and trying to work with one eye – the time to write escaped me.

I would still like to give a small update from last week though.

Reeewind to Saturday, June 27.

The morning started off far too early (See: Early Morning Productivity). The group ride started at Fletcher’s Boat House in D.C. at 7:30 a.m. and there were more approximately 300-400 people around. All of the Team in Training groups (half-marathoners, marathoners and century riders) were going to use the same trail that day for their workouts.

  • Before I tell you about the workout – there was a storm on Friday (6/26) night. The storm did a lot more damage than I thought. There was a downed tree in the bike path and large amounts of debris along the way to the meeting spot. Try straddling a tree with cycling shoes – not so much fun.

The workout (60 minute bike and 20 minute run) went well though the Capital Crescent Trail was PACKED. I am sure I set a record for saying, “on your left” while I was on my bike. With so many athletes and normal joggers, cyclists many of us were constantly trying to go around others on the trail. I hope we don’t have to have a packed trail like that in the future. (On the bright side – I’m sure anyone looking to learn how to use their gears learned pretty quickly.)

There were loads of people on the trail, but it was still a lot of fun.

There were loads of people on the trail, but it was still a lot of fun.

There was a short and fun picnic at the end of the workout where everyone was able to get together and listen to cancer survivors that wanted to show their appreciation for the work and the fundraising we were participating in.

P.S. Update to come on the lack of training this week due to the softball injury.



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