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Training run deemed “not that bad”

Running – The act of putting one foot in front of the other until (A) you sweat-out like a block of cheese in the sun and crack, or (B) need to tie your shoe laces.

…there may be other options; I chose not to indulge you with such things.

Runners abound

Hmmm…how do I start a conversation…“You look different without your swimming cap, maybe it’s the hair?”

Our group begins to grow. Triathlon participants are arriving one by one to join in the morning’s first group run. Collectively we number approximately 200 people. Rest assured, those 300 Spartans would find that our group could dispatch them with ease…after we finish eating our Powerbars.

You go first, I’ll catch up

Tough choices in life include where to live, who to date, what to eat, but at this moment in time – should I run for 40, 45, or 50 minutes? Ambition takes hold, but settling for 45 minutes will do. The 50 minute group leaves first. I will show off for the ladies at a later time.

We join the Custis Trail and find hills, oh they may have been short and sweet, but like an attractive person that glances at you as they pass by, a lasting impression is quick to form. This lasting impression burns.

Runners reach their time and turn around for the run back. The hills are unquestionably more downward than up.

Clinic 1: This is a bike

Shimano 105s (and above), shoes, cleats, and a helmet capable of shattering – all good things that any self respecting tri-athlete must consider owning.

Here is my bike! I love it. I bought it approximately two months ago.

Do you own a road bike?

Conte’s has regular Tuesday night rides. [Link]. Consider joining them, but be warned that there are some hills involved.

Team in Training Members

How was practice for your first running practice?

Family, Friends and Random Readers

I am racing the Nation’s Triathlon on Sept 13 and raising funds with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please sponsor me by clicking on this LINK and make a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated, makes a world of difference and is fully tax-deductible.



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