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Update: 2008 National Memory Walk

Here is an update on my attempt to help Fight Alzheimer’s disease.

I signed up to participate in Booz Allen’s team for the annual Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on July 30, 2008. Read my first post about it [Here].

Since I signed up to help out with this walk taking place on October 18, 2008 I’ve raised $95 so far. Woot!!! If you read my original post, I was only looking to raise $50 and I was going to match that $50 for a total of $100. Now with the generosity of one family in particular I am going to walk in honor of their family member…lol I still need to write a thank you letter to the family for their generous support. With my donations included, I’ve helped raise $145. Thank you!

To be honest I never knew Alzheimer’s had touched the lives of many of my friends until I started asking for donations. I’m sure if you asked some of your friends, you might see how it has impacted their lives. If you’re able, please donate $5 to the cause of Alzheimer’s research. This is a disease that will impact those we know. Even if you happen upon this blog from a random search on the Internet, please consider helping this worthy cause. To offer a donation of any size, please click here for my personal page: Matt’s Page

Thanks all.




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