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Building Tomorrow

Imagine if America had 42 million children wake up with no school to attend. A situation like this would be a travesty.

Sub-Saharan Africa is in need and in fact, 42 million children do not have schools to attend. We are often made aware of hardship faced by our African brothers and sisters through traditional news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and many other news stations. However, they glaze over the issues…or perhaps I glaze over them and don’t offer my full attention. In either case I want to get awareness out there for everyone else to read.

Let me introduce Building Tomorrow

Thankfully there is a charity named Building Tomorrow (BT) that wants to make a difference. BT locates areas in need of an educational facility. Either the old school is made of straw, mud or some combination, or it is non-existent. BT searches for and purchases a plot of land within close proximity of potential students. On this land, BT, with the help of the local community, constructs an eight room school with a kitchen, toilets and soccer field.

Where do they operate?

Problems such as this can not be treated overnight. Issues with education will take time to rectify; however with targeted efforts BT makes a difference.

Building Tomorrow currently operates in Kampala, Uganda (click to enlarge the picture)


When a school is completed, the building is leased to the local government to manage daily operations of the institution. Terms of agreement include caps on school fees, the demographics of students served and other specifics. Children have a real schooling environment where they are capable of realizing dreams or perhaps allowing their imaginations to establish those dreams.

What is needed?

Donors from well-established countries are asked to help raise 75% of the funds to cover the costs of land and construction. To do their part, Building Tomorrow engages the local community. Residents are asked to raise or contribute 25% of the cost towards creating a new future for their children. Many provide the labor, resources or small monetary contributions necessary to complete the project.

Together, everyone that contributes helps build a tomorrow for these children, one school at a time.

Find out more information @ Building Tomorrow

Read about more charities. Click [Here]



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