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Fight Alzheimer’s: 2008 National Memory Walk

Can you help? I’m participating in the National Alzheimer’s Memory Walk around the National Mall. The walk takes place on October 18, 2008. To date the charity has raised over $100,000. My team within my firm, Booz Allen Hamilton is looking to help raise $10,000.

For the time being I’ve committed to helping our group raise $50 and I’ll match donations up to $50. I’ll raise the outlook if many of you have a generous heart. Do you have $5 you would like to commit to a worthy cause?

Sponsor me for this walk by clicking [here]

Thanks everyone




3 thoughts on “Fight Alzheimer’s: 2008 National Memory Walk

  1. Sure, I’d be glad to support your effort in walking to end Alzheimer’s, I’ve seen this thief up close, would be great if he/she was stopped dead in their tracks, before they rob anyone else. It’s a great cause, I applaud your efforts, along with your fellow employees.

    Posted by Diane | August 5, 2008, 3:10 am
  2. Thanks Diane, I am very appreciative for any contribution you or anyone else can make. I figure $5 is a reasonable sum to ask of others; however feel free to contribute more if you like.

    Of course the first three people that donated put in $70 and I love them for it. They were very generous to a cause that impacted their family. Of course I had to up the ante a bit and am now trying to raise $150 instead of the original $50 I pledged.

    Posted by matthewbingram | August 5, 2008, 8:06 pm


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